Deliverance Ministry

In Christianity, deliverance ministry refers to the activity of cleansing a person of demons and evil spirits in order to address problems manifesting in their life as a result of the presence of said entities and the root causes of their authority to oppress the person. Physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional problems that people suffer from can be attributed in many cases to the activities of oppressing spirits, following the examples given in the gospels.


2 Corinthians 9:8 - “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.”


If you, or a loved one, need help, please contact me. Distance is no an object.

Courses in English

I teach Dowsing in both Japanese and English in the same class. The Foundation Course focuses on calibration and technique, the  Intermediate Course on clearing blocks and healing and an Advanced Course on manifestation and channeling. For details please see below.


After completing the Advanced Course, there is a Master Course for those who wish to become dowsing professionals. It requires one year of attendance at the monthly Workshops. The Master Course takes the Dowser to a more spiritual level and also includes advice on how to build a business as a Dowser.


In the future I am also planning a Tarot Course, initially in Japanese, but English is also a possibility. (I am the creator of the Tarot of the Revelation - available on Amazon in English and Japanese :^) cf  and in Japanese )  


I am also an Energy Consultant. If you or your company wants me to consult about any issues you have about energy problems with either employees or the workplace, please contact me through the email form.


The Data Sources for the Three Lectures that I gave on the Princess Cruises on "Quantum Mechanics and Dowsing" are here.

Dowsing - Foundation Course

This course is a 6-hour intensive workshop, emphasizing the practical use of dowsing. It is a prerequisite for the Intermediate Course.

You will learn how to dowse effectively and deal with any blocks that might interfere.

The main skills taught are:

Calibrating the dowsing instrument (pendulum &c) 


a test for purity (Power Water &c)


polarity (like magnets)

Decision maps

affinity / discord

Finding things close and at a distance (using maps)

With these skills you will be able to use dowsing at your home or office to:


find a partner (business or relationship)


discover a child's strengths and abilities to nurture them


compare resumes to find the ideal employee

discover where your client/customer pool is based

choose the best item to meet client needs that are also the most profitable


make better investments

motivate people such as a sales team, without their knowledge

find the most appropriate loction to open a shop/business

decide whether a client or supplier is telling you the 'whole story'

Materials and a text are incuded.  \20,000

Dowsing - Intermediate Course

This course is a 6-hour intensive course on how to manipulate energy and how to improve a person's health. This course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Course.

The main skills taught are:

Releasing or removing energy

Measuring energy in the aura

How to use kinesiology in place of dowsing

With these skills you will be able to use dowsing at your home or office to:


Balance auras (which are an indication of future disease), improving health and removing negative energy

Removing problems that affect people's mental health, such as vicitim mentality


Reducing the fear factor for people who are afraid of public speaking, selling over the phone or flying

Discover where problems are with sales and what to do about it

Improve the outcome of interviews and presentations

Raise productivity/motivation in sales teams or sports teams

Materials and a text are included. \40,000

Dowsing - Advanced Course

The Advanced Course teaches how to raise energy to manifest the life you wish. You need to have completed the two other courses before starting this one, as it requires the skillset taught there.

The main skills taught are:

Forecasting the future


The correct way to handle negative entities

Manifesting the life you want

How to channel information from the Universe

With these skills you will be able to use dowsing at your home or office to:

Wealth - how to not only have more money and free time, but also new friends or jobs

How to create income from several different routes, so that you have unearned income from property, a side-business or other fees.

Health - reducing stress, increasing joy as well as spiritual and mental health

Enternal - people will compliment you on work well done, you can easily reach your desired weight, your self-esteem will also increase

Personal relationships - you will attract partners, friends and employees who have the same values and interests as you do

You will find a sense of achievment and satisfaction from many creative ventures


Materials and a text are included. \40,000



I'm a dowser. I use intention with the laws of quantum mechanics to manifest the life I want.




エネルギーには主に2種類あり、スピリチュアルエネルギーと身体を支えるエネルギー、すなわち「気」、があります。ほとんどの人のエネルギーは低すぎ、恐らく本来あるべき量の4分の1と言われています。何故なら、多くの人は集中ができず気移りしがちだからです。または、周りの人がその人のエネルギーを奪っているからです。生活にエネルギーを高める運動(例えば、気功)を取り入れると、身体だけではなく、頭の回転もとても良くなります。エネルギーが高い人は、エネルギーをうつしやすく、その高いエネルギーは魅力的ですから、周りにいる人々は潜在的にそのエネルギーを求めます。   無料ダウンロード